Emphysema can be classified into two:  primary and secondary color.  It can also be classified by location:  panacinary and centroacinary.

Panacinar emphysema is when the entire respiratory acinus, from respiratory bronchiole to alveoli is expanded.  It is common in the lower lobes like the basal segments and anterior margins of the lungs.

Centriacinar emphysema is when the respiratory bronchiole is expanded.  The distal acinus or alveoli are not affected.  This occurs commonly in the upper lobes.

Other types are distal acinar and irregular emphysema.

There is a special type of emphysema called congenital lobar emphysema or CLE.  It's an overexpansion of a pulmonary lobe and resultant compression of the remaining lobes of the ipsilateral lung and may also affect the contralateral lung.  It may be reversible, but also life-threatening.